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Good Chi, the Sea and Me

A Journey of Discovery Through Art and Travel by Tanya Kimberly Orme

Tanya Kimberly Orme
5/21/85 – 6/21/09

Artist, Poet & Peacemaker

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Good Chi, The Sea and Me is a full-color biography/travel essay that contains the poetry, prose and artwork of Tanya Orme, a young and soulful adventurer who shunned a conventional lifestyle and traveled the globe by modest means on a journey of self-discovery. Her desire to "some day write a story about my travels" never came to fruition due to her sudden, tragic death.

This is that story, Tanya's book, compiled from her many journals. It is an anthology about a spiritually evolved, creative young woman who not only reached unconventional, lofty goals by the age of 24, but also left an unforgettable impact on those who were fortunate enough to cross her path. In a culture obsessed with our ability to be made over and desirous of inspiration to change, the story of the last few years of Tanya's life will appeal to people beyond those who knew her personally.

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A poet, artist, musician, sailor and world
traveler unable to quell a deep sense of
adventure, Tanya jetted off to the jungles of
Costa Rica when she was barely 18.

Artistic abilities and humanitarian love

surfaced at a young age. Passionately creative
and spiritually evolved, Tanya studied world
religions and respected the values of each of
them. She sold paintings and gave every spare
dollar to charities, with a relentless quest to
aid hungry children. She attended Florida
Atlantic University, and backpacked alone in
Australia and New Zealand before returning to
Florida. She spent a summer in Ecuador before
graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree
in Anthropology.

At the age of 24, Tanya was killed while a

passenger in a single car crash. With amazing
diligence, Tanya had kept copious journals of
her life as a solo traveler. It is in these journals,
found after her death, that reveal struggles and
triumphs, amazing self-motivation, spiritual
growth and personal accomplishments in
reaching scripted goals.

“I think that one day I’d like to write a book about my life.
But where to begin?        
The middle.
Life doesn’t need a beginning or end.
It doesn’t need things or a prologue.
It just is.
And when the middle is the goal and the present
There is nowhere to go but out.
And once out, the lawn inside looks awfully appealing once more.”

– Tanya Orme

“Tanya has changed the way I look at     
the world
and left me with many happy
memories. I think
she generally had that
affect on people; she would challenge
them and often leave them with some
small improvement -- something positive,
and this positive disposition tended to
wear off  on people.”

Andrew Hyslop – Bounty Crewmember

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